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The Uniform Club works by allowing you to add payments to a Uniform Club card, which can then be redeemed for goods at any NZ Uniforms retail outlet. The Uniform Club helps you save for your child's School Uniform throughout their school journey.

Join our Uniform Club and we'll encourage your savings for your child's School Uniform. By becoming a Uniform Club member you will receive a 10% discount off purchases made using your card on a great range of products like JanSport Bags, the Code Sport range, Doc Martens, Vans & Ascent Shoes. (Excludes School Uniforms)

Get started fill out the Online Membership Form and activate by making a deposit from as little as $5.

Top up your card, weekly, fortnightly or monthly from your bank account using direct debit or Internet banking. Payments are also accepted at any of our stores. The minimum top up amount is $5 and the maximum balance you can have is $2000.


Check Your Balance

You can check you balance by following the instructions below:

1. Login to your account on your school website (You can find your school's website here: https://www.nzuniforms.com/pages/find-your-school-or-club.htmx). Remember to use the same email that you used when registering for the Uniform Club.

2. Click "Profile" in the top menu.

3. Your balance will appear here. Note: If your card number is not set, enter it. Your balance will then appear.

Uniform Club

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Terms and Conditions

The Uniform Club works by allowing you to add payments to a Uniform Club card, which can then be redeemed for goods at any NZ Uniforms retail outlet.Your membership is subject to these terms and conditions and by adding to or using your Uniform Club card, you confirm that you agree to these terms.

  • 1. Join the Uniform Club simply by depositing at least $5 onto your new Uniform Club card at any NZ Uniforms Retail outlet. If you change your mind, you have 7 days from the date of joining to cancel your Uniform Club membership by notice to us in writing, and receive a refund of any amounts you have deposited.
  • 2. Payments can be added to your Uniform Club card at any time during the year, with the preferred payment options being direct debit or internet banking. Payment can be taken at any of our retail outlets if required. The initial join up payment must be a minimum of $5 and made in store at the time of joining. All ongoing payments must be a minimum of $5. Please refer to our payment options sheet in your information pack.
  • 3. A 10% discount will apply to any purchases, (excluding any school specific uniform items). For example, if you purchase $100 worth of goods using your Uniform Club card, you will receive a $10 discount on your purchase (i.e. it will only cost you $90).
  • 4. If you cancel your membership, any outstanding Uniform Club balances can only be redeemed in exchange for goods at NZ Uniforms. Balances cannot be refunded or exchanged for cash.
  • 5. If you lose your card, you must notify us immediately so that we can cancel your card and issue you with a new card. However, you are entirely responsible for the security of your card and we will not be responsible (and will not reimburse you) for any unauthorised use of your card. If you require a replacement card there will be a fee of $5, which can be taken off your balance.
  • 6. If you change your contact details, you must let us know. We may use your personal information for the purposes of the Uniform Club and in connection with future promotions and the marketing of any other products or services of NZ Uniforms.
  • 7. We may change these Terms (including the terms and prizes of applying to any prize competition) at any time by posting amended terms on www.nzuniforms.com or otherwise notifying you of the change. The amended Terms will become effective as soon as they are posted or otherwise notified. It is your responsibility to check NZ Uniforms website for changes.
  • 8. We may suspend or cancel the Uniform Club or any other offer at any time we deem appropriate, in which case all rights under these Terms (or the terms of the applicable offer) will cease. We will endeavor to give you reasonable advance notice of suspension or cancellation by notification on www.nzuniforms.com or by otherwise notifying you.

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